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MyUKVisas – Price list

Immigration fixed fee schedule

Types of Service

Obtaining file from a previous representative £500
Consent for international travel £220
Subject access requests to any organisation £500
National Insurance number applications £150
Consultation (Individual client) £85
Consultation (Business) £275
Full Representation See below
Checking service (Citizenship and Visit Visas) £265
Checking service (All other applications) £335
Fee waiver application £500
Power of attorney £220
UK travel documents application £300
Biometric residence permit application £500

Full Representation costs by Application

Entry Clearance Applications (VAT Exempt)

Short term study/ Visit/ Tourist/Family Visas £700
Domestic Worker Visa £950
Partner Visa £1350
Child Visa when child accompanying parent £650
Settlement applications for dependent child under 18 years old £1600
Settlement applications for adult dependant relatives (parents, siblings) £1900
Rights to access to a child in the UK £1600
Tier 1 Start Up/Innovation Visa £1900
Tier 1- Exceptional Talent Visa TBC subject to circumstances
UK Expansion Worker Visa £1950
Skilled Worker Visa £1350
Tier 4  – General/Child Student Visa £950
Tier 5 Visas (all categories) £1300
Points Based System first dependent £900
Points Based System subsequent dependents (each) £650

Extension of Leave Applications (VAT exclusive)

Partner Visa £1350
Dependents £750
Visit Visa (exceptional cases) £1050

Points Based Extension Applications (VAT Exclusive)

Tier 1 Start Up/Innovation Visa £1350
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa £1350
Skilled Worker Visa £1300
Tier 4 General/Child Student Visa £800
Tier 5 (All Categories) (exceptional cases) £1500
Points Based System first dependant £850
Points Based System subsequent dependents £550

Further Leave to Remain Applications (VAT Exclusive)

Partner/Parent Visa  £1350
 Human Rights Application  £1600

EU Applications (VAT Exclusive)

EU Pre-Settlement (EU National) £900
EU Pre-Settlement (non-EU National) £1250
EU Settlement (EU National ) £750
EU Settlement (non- EU National ) £1300

Settlement Application (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

Long Residence (VAT Exclusive)

Indefinite stay after Ten Years in the UK (Long Residence)  £1650
Indefinite Leave to Remain Discretionary £1650

Family Life (VAT Exclusive)

Spouse Application £1350
Private life Settlement £1650
Parent Settlement £1400
Unmarried Partner Settlement £1400
Child Settlement Application £1400
Rights to Access to a child in the UK (Settlement) £1400

Points Based Applications (PBS) Settlements (VAT Exclusive)

Indefinite Leave to Remain (PBS route) £1400
Indefinite Leave to Remain for PBS Dependants £950
Tier 1 (Start-up/Innovator/Exceptional Talent Visa) £1850
Graduate Visa £1050

Asylum Applications (VAT Exclusive)

Asylum and Human Rights Application £1950
Fresh Asylum Claim £2200
Representation to Single Competent Authority (NRM) £1000
Leave in Line with Parent £525
Refugee Family Reunion £950
Refugee Travel Document £325
Refugee Settlement £1050

Immigration Appeals before the First Tier Tribunal (VAT Exclusive)

Lodging grounds of appeal £650
Preparation of case £1350
Advocacy in Court TBC*
Application for Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal £850
Upper Tribunal representation TBC*

Detention, removal and deportation (VAT Exclusive)

Home Office bail £550
Application for bail at the Tribunal £1200
Representation at a Tribunal in a bail application TBC*
Removal directions £1950
Deportation orders £2500

Judicial Review (VAT Exclusive)

Advice and Pre Action Protocol £650
Application for JR £2150

British Citizenship Applications (VAT Exclusive)

Naturalisation as British £800
Registration as a Child £700
Reconsideration Application £750

Business Services Fees (VAT Exclusive)

Applications for Sponsorship Licenses £240-£300/hour
Compliance Checking Auditing Services £1500/day
Training Sessions for Staff in Immigration related issues £240-£300/Hour
Non-Compliance Penalties £250-£300/Hour

Passport applications

Overseas passport application £750
UK passport application

* VAT Exclusive means 20% tax will be added to the fee.
* the price will depend on the fee charged by the barrister selected, but typically £500-750 per day.