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Arta Heath

MyUKVisas is a specialist immigration law firm based in Huddersfield in Yorkshire. We have clients from all over the UK and, indeed, from all over the world.

I established MyUKVisas, having previously been the senior partner at Heath and Power Solicitors. As a lawyer I have always specialised in immigration and have over 20 years of experience.

As well as being very experienced in immigration law, I was once an immigrant myself. I know what it is like to arrive in a foreign country and try and build a new life. So I am passionate about helping people.

It has become more difficult to secure a visa to live in the UK in recent years. This is because the UK government is trying to reduce net migration. However, it is still possible to succeed as long as you are able to prepare a strong case. This makes it even more important for visa applicants to seek professional advice.

Similarly, for EU citizens looking to move to remain in the UK, we strongly advise that it is better to seek a residence card now than to apply under any new rules the UK establishes after Brexit.

Arta Heath
Managing Director

MyUKVisas specialises in immigration so we are experts in this area and have a high success rate. If you would like to arrange an appointment to speak to me or one of my team, please fill in the form below.
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